Check SRD Grant Approval Process 2023

Check SRD Grant Approval Process 2023

R350 grant payments will be paid this week

Did you just check your Sassa r350 status and came up with SASSA Status Pending for Jul, 2023. If you receive sassa pending status, it means that your application for SRD grant has successfully been received by SASSA but there are a few checks remaining, which are, Verification and Requirement of Bank Details.”

SASSA Confirm the payment Schedule
1 ) Status Check
2 ) Application / Approved
3 ) Declined / Appeal
4 ) Approved no pay date change banking details

Sassa Status Check of your Sassa application is as easy as following these steps.

STEP 1. The SRD website is where you can check your Sassa status.

STEP 2. Click on Check Status under the application status tab.

STEP 3. The Sassa Status Page will now appear.

STEP 4. You now need to enter your ID number and phone number.

Sassa Status Check

STEP 5. The next step is to click the Submit button.

STEP 6. Your application status will be displayed once you click Submit.

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