Here Is The Procedure For R350 Grant Payments

Here Is The Procedure For R350 Grant Payments

This grant is targeted at the unemployed who are not covered by either UIF or Unemployment Insurance Fund, companies that applied for a TERS payment, whose applications were rejected because they did not qualify for assistance through TERS and people who lost their jobs because of Covid-19 and don’t earn an income from elsewhere.

All beneficiaries of the R350 grant to reapply at the end of April

Procedure For SASSA SRD-R350 Grant Payments

  • A person who meets the qualifying criteria for the new R350 SRD grant can apply. This application must be done on SRD portal.
  • SASSA is responsible for either approving or rejecting the grant application before the end of the month for applications submitted before the 15th of the month.
  • SASSA decision must be delivered with an electronic receipt or notification of outcome for the application (If the grant application was approved or rejected)
  • If the grant application was rejected, SASSA must provide a reason for the rejection. You are allowed to appeal this rejection if you feel SASSA was incorrect in their decision. This appeal will be assessed by the Independent Tribunal.

SASSA must keep a register of all applications for the SRD grant. This register will include the identifying particulars, date of application, date when the application was approved or rejected and the payments made.

SASSA must also ensure that all the information above is stored and protected in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI)

President Ramaphosa announced the extension of the SRD grant from 1 July to 30 MARCH 2023.

The following are important aspects about how you can access your money:

  • You will be required to register for your Social Development Grant (SASSA) by visiting your nearest SASSA branch in person or online at
  • To qualify for this grant, you must have been born after January 1994 and up until 31 December 1999;

    If you are unemployed, then you should visit any SASSA branch in person or call them on 0800 009 909;