SASSA Payment Dates March 2022

SASSA Payment Dates March 2022

SASSA Payment Dates for 2022 March

The South African Social Agency (SASSA) released the various payment dates for the month of March 2022, they are as follows:

SASSA Payment Dates March is scheduled as follows


Older persons grant 03/03/2022

Disability grant 04/03/2022

Children’s grant 07/03/2022

Grant beneficiaries have to bring all the required documentation in order to ensure that their grant payments are processed without any inconveniences.


An Overview of Sassa Grants: Social Grants for Children, Unemployed and the Old age.
Applying for SRD Grant Online Successfully. (Requirements for SRD Grant Application 2021/2022)

Rejected applications are due to a recently changed cell phone number. Fraud checking mechanisms for the payment system include matching the cell phone number provided by an applicant against other government databases. If an applicant has previously provided one cell phone number to an institution such as the SA Revenue Service or the Unemployment Insurance Fund, and now tries to apply using a different number, the system will kick you out.


you must provide an address but you do not need to provide proof of address

How do I get paid R350

Applicants without bank accounts will have a choice of banks from which to get cash via an ATM or to get paid at Pick N Pay and Boxer superstore. Those without bank accounts, money will be deposited via the cash-sending functions of the major banks.

e-Wallet for First National Bank and Cash Send for Absa, require only details sent to a cell phone number to withdraw money, with no card or other identity verification required.

If more than one person applied for the R350 grant from the same number, then only the Post Office can pay out your grant.

If only one person applied from a number, then Pick n Pay or Boxer can pay out your grant, because these stores require a phone number for additional verification.

Those who collect at a post office are urged to note that the day they collect their grant is determined by the last three digits of their ID number.

Here is when you can collect your R350 grant at a post office:

March 1: 083 & 088

March 2: 084 & 089

March 9: 080 & 085

March 10: 081 & 086

March 11: 082 & 087

March 14: 083 & 088

March 15: 084 & 089

March 16: 080 & 085

March 17: 081 & 086

March 18: 082 & 087

March 22: 083 & 088

March 23: 084 & 089

March 24: 080 & 085

March 25: 081 & 086

March 28: 082 & 087

March 29: 083 & 088

March 30: 084 & 089

March 31: 080 & 085

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