SASSA Social Grant Payment Dates For June 2022

SASSA Social Grant Payment Dates For June 2022

Updated are SASSA Social Grant June Payment Dates

OLDER PERSONS June 02/06/2022



SASSA Grant Increases 2022

SASSA Grant Increases 2022
For those of you who are wondering how much SASSA grants increase for 2022 will be, wonder no more. Here are the details from the Minister of Finance’s budget
speech 2022.
Over 48% of the South African population are receiving social assistance
from The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). The grants vary
from foster care grant, care dependency grant, disability grant, old age
grant to war veteran grant.
There is also a COVID-19 SRD Grant introduced to assist those
unemployed people affected by the impact of the corona virus.
The Minister of Finance indicated the following Sassa grants increase for
2022 financial year period:

SASSA Old Age Grant Increase 2022

The pension increase 2022 and war veteran grants increase 2022 .The old age grant for pensioners below the age of 75 will increase as indicated .
Old Age grant will increase from R1 890 to R1 985, a 5% increase.
Pension increase 2022 for pensioners above the age of 75 Old Age grant for adults above 75 years and War Veterans grant will increase from R1 910 to R2 005 which is a 5% increase.

Care FOR dependency grant increase 2022

Care Dependency grant will increase from R1 890 to R1 985 which is a 5%
Foster care grant
Foster Care grant will increase from R1 050 to R1 070 which is a 1.9%

Child Support Grant How much is SASSA child grant 2022?

In the mean time, child grant is R460, below is an increase plan from the 2022 budget speech.
The Child Grant will increase to from R460 to R480 which is a 4.3% increase.

Updates SASSA Increase Dates 2022

When will these SASSA grants increase will start? SASSA increase dates 2022 The Old Person’s, War Veterans, Disability and Care Dependency grants will increase by R90 in April 2022 and a further R10 in October
2022. The Foster Care and Child Support grants will increase by a once off R20 in April 2022.

SASSA SRD-R350 Check Status

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SASSA Social Grant Payment Dates For June 2022