Firstly you cant cancel or deregister UIF

SASSA SRD – R350 UIF REGISTERED Once you are registered with UIF just like a tax number you are registered and any person that has worked in their life should have a UIF registration.
The only time you can cancel is if you have a claim in currently. You can choose to Cancel THE CLAIM which is not advisable as in most cases its way more then 350.
If you choose to do so you can use this USSD STRING *134*843#


What that means is that even if you are currently not receiving uif, but you’re registered with UIF, you are not eligible for the SRD R350 Grant.


Unemployment Insurance Fund also known as UIF is a form of insurance policy for some employees who meet their qualifications. It is a short term financial assistance to employees who have lost their jobs or become unemployed or unable to work due to for example illness, maternity or adoption leave. Dependants of a contributed worker who have passed away can also claim UIF.
They are paid in various forms or categories namely : Unemployment benefits, sickness benefits, maternity benefits, adoption benefits and death benefits.
But those who have been declined for UIF registered are also claiming they have not worked before and are unemployed.

How come such applicants have their names in the UIF registered database for which these applicants are not aware of?

Could it be that certain companies they may have worked for years back or part time have registered them under UIF without their knowledge?
To find out more about your status in the UIF, you can contact UIF on 0800030007 to check if indeed you are due for UIF unemployment benefits or which company registered you.
If am declined for UIF registered, what can I do?
Every applicant who feels aggrieved that he or she is unduly declined for the SRD R350 Grant can request for reconsideration OR a new appeal option has been added that started yesterday 15th February 2022. Call 0800601011 choose option 3 and a SASSA official will lode an appeal on your behalf.

Regarding Declined SRD grant applicants due being UIF registered

yet they were never employed in their lives, none of the government departments is at fault or incompetent and the Auditor General of South Africa can attest to that since no one who qualifies for the grant has not been paid.

See the below photos as the evidence of her statement and her response is printed in red and the other one is point 6.
Next year we will tackle the unfairly declined issue using the Auditor General’s below quote as we believe that the information and the system that is provided and being used by the involved government departments Sassa and Labour is unreliable and false, therefore she needs to carefully take a closer look on them.

( Auditor General of South Africa)

“It is easy to get confused about AGSA’s role, especially in government institutions’ audits
The audits conducted by the AGSA do not provide assurance that service delivery has been achieved.
The AGSA ensures that the report, based on information submitted is useful and reliable”
It looks like next year will be long as well