SASSA Status Check 2024

SASSA Status Check 2024

Have you applied for the SASSA SRD grant and are looking for a way to check your application status?

Do the SASSA status check and see payment dates for the SRD R350 grant online by entering the applicant’s phone and South African ID numbers.

How to Check SASSA SRD Grant Application Status and Payment Dates?

To check the SASSA SRD grant status, visit Enter your South African ID and phone number used during the application. Click “Check Status” to view approval status and payment dates. Alternatively, check via phone call, SMS, Moya app, or at SASSA offices.

What is the application ID for SASSA?

You might be thinking about how to check the Application ID for SRD; the application ID is required to check the status of the application. This is the unique 13-digit South African ID number of every resident of South Africa.

Which phone number is required to check the SASSA Status?

The phone number you need to enter above is the one you used to sign up for your application.

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