SETA Learnerships Apply Now

SETA Learnerships Apply Now

SETA Learnerships Apply Now

What is a Learnership programme?

A Learnership leads to a formal qualification and can be very helpful for unemployed youth, because you don’t have to pay the cost of fees to kickstart your career. They are promoted by the government as one way to help unemployed South African youth to gain skills and qualifications. They will also gain meaningful workplace experience. Although similar initiatives are run in other countries as well, Learnerships are a specifically South African answer to the skills shortage.

Once the learnership programme is complete, you can expect to receive a nationally recognized qualification with both theoretical and practical work components, as well as valuable work experience and the opportunity for you to develop skills.

Many Learnership graduates have successfully completed a Learnership programme, and have used this as the first step towards an exciting opportunity, a rewarding career and overall progress and success.

When you join, a Learnership programme typically includes the processes of a training element, which will usually be delivered by TVET Colleges in South Africa or an training company, and can span over a one year contract period.

Seta Learnerships available at different times in 2024.

There are no costs in applying for a Learnership programme – and what makes it such an exciting opportunity is that you will be paid while you are doing the Learnership. This is because they were designed with the unemployed youth in mind – specifically South African citizens. So if you can’t afford to pay study fees you should apply for a Learnership now!

Learnership 2024 Online Application

Learnerships combine workplace experience with formal training so you will gain skills, get a national qualification, and have real work experience. There will be a training provider or college attached to the Learnership that will give you the formal learning part. Learnerships are specifically designed to assist unemployed learners in South Africa.

Learnerships For Unemployed Graduates

Seta learnerships are always linked to a qualification, and these qualifications can be at any level on the National Qualifications Framework – or NQF. That means that Learnerships are also suitable for graduates who have recently qualified with other qualifications. The length of time depends on the level of the Learnership programme but it usually happens over a one year contract period.

What Are Seta Learnerships?

A Learnership programme is a uniquely South African way to deal with the country’s skills development problem – that is the shortage of skills and trained workers in the local workforce. It is a modern version of an apprenticeship where young people undergo training through a work based learning programme – and also gain valuable work experience.

Another benefit of a Learnershp is that it must be linked to a formal qualification. So if the learner is able to successfully complete the Learnership they will be awarded a nationally recognised qualification.

Unlike someone who gained a qualification through a college or university – the graduate of the Learnership will also gave undergone real-world workplace experience as well. The structured learning part of the Learnership programme must be delivered by an accredited training provider.

These Learnerships Are Available Now

Homechoice Learnerships

Buco and TimberCity Learnerships

Anglo American Mining Learnership

Incredible Connection Learnership

Truworths Learnerships

Fire Fighter Learnerships CLOSED

Paralegal Learnerships

Capitec Learnerships

If you are interested in one of these Learnerships CLICK HERE for full details.

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