Where can you sell your 2008 Mandela R5 coin

Where can you sell your 2008 Mandela R5 coin

Where can you sell your 2008 Mandela R5 coin?

After you have found out whether your coin is graded or not, or uncirculated or not, you may assign a value to your coin and wish to sell it. There are a few ways you can go about selling your coin easily.

  • Online websites such as Bidorbuy; Gumtree; OLX; Ebay
  • Coin Auctions
  • Reputable coin dealers which can be found online or there are shops you can visit that deal in coins
  • You can visit coin shows in your area, Google searches will be able to tell you when a coin show will be in your area.

What does the 2008 Mandela R5 coin look like?

The 2008 Mandela R5 coin is a bi-metal coin that depicts the smiling image of former South African President Nelson Mandela on one side, as well as the lettering “90 Years” and “5 Rand”. On the reverse side of the coin, the image of the South African coat of arms is depicted and the lettering along the edges “Suid Afrika.”

How many 2008 Mandela R5 coins are there?

Five million of these bi-metal R5 coins were released into circulation by the South African Reserve Bank. These coins were made in commemoration of former President Nelson Mandela to celebrate his 90th birthday.

The 2008 Mandela R5 coin is a special coin made to commemorate a South African icon, foreigner President Nelson Mandela, and his 90th birthday. This coin while in circulation is worth its face value, but if graded and uncirculated can fetch a much higher selling price. Before buying or selling a 2008 Mandela R5 coin, be sure to do your homework and look into the grading of your coin as well as finding reputable dealers to assist you with the process.

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