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SASSA SRD-R350 Check Status

SASSA SRD-R350 Check Status

SASSA SRD-R350 Check Status The SASSA has started to rectify those who were approved for all the months can now start to check their status as SASSA is now giving out payment dates to all the months, You can check your status on the Moya app by accessing the discover option and choose the SASSA SRD grant and follow the instructions below you will see an option to check your SASSA R350 status.

Your status will show if you have been approved as well as if you have a payment date and if so it will show if your payment has been filled yet. To those who are declined and feel as though the reasons do not apply to their application can apply for reconsideration and SASSA will rectify your status if the reason for your declined application no longer applies, You will need to apply for every month that your application has been declined as SASSA will go thoroughly on every month

Payments of the February 2022 SRD R350 grants, most applicants have their applications approved whilst others are still pending. As has been the norm, SASSA usually starts each month’s module by the second and third week of the month, when it starts pending then eventually approved with pay dates or without pay dates but others can be declined

As we have said it, January is finally approved with dates. Check your status now for your SRD money. If your not approved with dates, be patient you will get all your money including for previous months if you didn’t get it.
Those who did not get payments since August 2021 or other months will get all their money starting from this week. SASSA wants to make sure that all qualifying people receive their payments before this grant came to an end, that will be replaced by new permanent adjusted grant (BASIC INCOME SUPPORT).
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Questions that keeps coming up…
USSD code doesn’t work. So don’t waste your time.
Link for Govchat to make application
You can also send them a Facebook message. Just search for Govchat
If you don’t have a bank account, you can also receive the funds at an ATM of your choice, like an e-wallet or cash send.