We Buy Mandela Coins 2008

We Buy Mandela Coins 2008

We Buy Mandela Coins 2018 , Mandela R 5 Coins is the most profitable coin since his Death . It was once sold  for R 275 000 on the online auction in 2018 /

We Buy Mandela Coins 2008 If you are a coin buyer or coin seller you came at the wright place , please continue reading as we unpack ways to sell Mandela coins for up to R 275 000 online .

In 2018 Mandela Coins Was sold for R 275 000 at bid or buy online auction . To be able to participate on bid or buy auction you need to open an account as a buyer .

How Much Can One Make Selling Coins ?


As we have mention above one coin can sell up to R 275000 or more but it has to be a new coin . A non circulated coin and also a rear  Nelson Mandela wanted coins

Remember Not every coin is valuable , so make sure that the coin that you are selling is a wanted coin

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List Of Wanted Mandela Coins


  • 1994 president inauguration silver coin
  • 2008 R5 With Nelson Mandela Head
  • And Kruger’s Silver R 1

How To Sell Coins If You Don’t Have An Account ?


There are certain coin shops in town that are interested in buying coins in exchange of money same time , but you need to know real buyers from scams . Mandela coins are the most wanted coins in the market so some people will make sure that they get their hands on those coins even if it means scamming for for it .

Before selling the coin do your research to find out if you are selling to a real buyer or a scammer . Nelson Mandela was the first Black President of South Africa That’s why the coins with his head are more valuable

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We Buy Mandela Coins 2008